Monday, September 17, 2007

This Thursday

Hello all. Zella has her 8 week follow-up appointment with the pediatric opthamologist on Thursday in Ames. My MIL Stacey is going to meet me for the appointment. Madeline is going to stay at Aunt Gayle's house. Cousin Sarah is going to be there in the afternoon to help watch her. Thanks guys!

Zee is doing well with her glasses and when she is wearing them there is a big improvement. Her left eye (the lazy eye) is still turned in but not as bad. Her right eye (the cross eye) is almost perfectly aligned while wearing glasses. When she takes them off her left eye is still turned in pretty bad. I'm thankful for the progress and anxious to see what the doctor says.

Think good thoughts for us! I'll post an update when we get home.

Click on her picture below to see some photos of her progress with glasses.


Zella's Eyes