Thursday, September 20, 2007

Great news!

Zella did great at her eye appointment today. Her ET went from 35 without glasses to 8-10 with glasses. That is a huge improvement in her numbers! It means that the glasses are helping her realign her eyes. It is more than the doctor was hoping for.

We also found out that she has a 50% chance of only needing glasses to correct her cross eye (right eye) and lazy eye (left eye). Eight weeks ago her chances of correcting it without surgery was only 10% although I didn't know that at the time. What a difference! Dr. Suh performs 700 of these surgeries a year so if Zella does need surgery in the future I feel confident of a good result. He will tell us at her next appointment in 12 weeks if she needs surgery or not.

She will need to wear glasses for at least two more years for her farsightedness. She may grow out of it but he doesn't know if she will or won't.

Now for the best news...

1. She is currently using both of her eyes together while wearing glasses. She was not doing this 8 weeks ago. I am hopeful she will continue to do this.

2. The doctor told me she has a good chance of having normal vision in the future.

I am so incredibly thankful to hear this! At the last appointment the doctor kept using the word "dangerous" to describe how Zella was using her eyes. She was only looking out of one eye at a time and shutting off vision to the other eye. This could lead to permanent vision loss in one or both eyes. It was something we were very worried about so to hear she could have normal vision was amazing!

So we had great news today! :) Madeline had fun with Aunt Gayle and cousin Sarah. She loves it out on the farm.

Thanks for all your support everyone.

Talk to you soon,


Stacey Clendenen said...

We are all so happy with the GREAT news, thanks for asking me to go with you to the doctor visits. What a special daughter-in-law I have.
Love ya Stacey

Lori said...

:) Thanks, Stacey. It means a lot to me that you have come to her appointments. Twelve weeks is going to go by fast!

Love you