Sunday, December 4, 2011


Time is sand through my fingers, trickling down before I can stop it.  Part of me would love to stop time and savor the ages and stages of my kids.  Yet I am excited to see them grow and find their own paths in life. 

I woke up one day and suddenly:

*Madeline can read.  (REALLY read as she would say.)  I feel proud and excited that she loves books as much as Travis and I do.  I hope she always does.

*Zella is almost five. (FIVE!!!)  Her excitement for everything around her is contagious.  She is hands down the most fun kid to give a gift to. 

*Violet is walking the line of being a little girl/big girl.  Sometimes she'd like to be both.  She is talking so well and is quite a dancer.

*Thomas is almost three months old (this may be the most unbelievable).  He is smiling, cooing and he rolled over two weeks ago.  Seriously.  HE ROLLED OVER. 

*Somehow having a fourth child has made Travis and I more mellow and relaxed (mostly).  I'm not sure how this is possible but it is.  We have slowed down and enjoyed this stage of our life more than we have before.

I told my sister Karen that I "came up for air" and ten weeks had gone by.  I am getting the hang of four kids six and under slowly but surely.  I'm figuring out what works and what doesn't.  (The hard way, of course).  I am going to keep figuring it out because I don't just want to get through motherhood or be okay at it.  I want to be a great mom who makes meaningful memories with my kids. Travis and I have so many dreams for our family and every day we wake up we get a chance to make it happen.

Yet another online pep talk.  And once again I am a mushball who over shares.

But I am who I am so once again I will hit "publish post" instead of save. 

Yours sincerely,